Wood Species Info

Ferche makes the finest hardwood mouldings. While we work primarily in hardwoods, we offer a wide array of species – nearly 100 different species, as a matter of fact, including some softwoods. This gallery will help you make sense of the standard species that we carry and the characteristics that make each unique and beautiful. If your project calls for something not featured below, contact us and we can get it for you.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Some woods take stain well and some don't.
  • Some trees don't grow tall and/or wide and, thus, can't produce long or wide mouldings.
  • Some woods have a large variation in color and texture and/or can change over time based on light and the environment.
  • Based on such factors as abundance and geographic location, the cost varies greatly from one species to another.

Red Oak $ $

Timeless, classic and longlasting - a staple of American interiors. Rich grain patterns. Easy to work with and takes stain and finish well.

Poplar $

Versatile wood with consistent texture. Its natural color varies and may change over time. Stains, paints and finishes extremely well.

Hard Maple $ $ $

Strong, durable and naturally beautiful. Typically finished clear or lightly tinted. Darker finishes may require pre-conditioning or other preparations.

Soft Maple $ $

A versatile wood. Takes stain and finish very well and is often substituted for or used alongside other species.

Superior Alder $ $

A soft, warm, natural-textured wood. Great for darker, richer design styles or to complement other woods. Not commonly available in long lengths or wide widths.

Knotty Alder $

A soft, warm, natural-textured wood. Can have dark and deep knots for a rustic look. Not commonly available in long lengths or wide widths.

Yellow Birch $ $ $

A uniform and clean style of wood that is strong and durable. Naturally light in color. Stains incredibly well and finishes nicely.

Cherry $ $ $ $

Known for rich grains and warm colors. Typically darkens over time and is commonly finished clear to show the natural beauty.

Hickory $ $

The hardest, heaviest and strongest American wood. Known for its wide range of grain color and character. Typically finished clear.

Mahogany $ $ $ $

A historically luxurious wood with beautiful interlocking grains. Color typically spans a spectrum of warm tones. Requires care to properly finish.

Walnut $ $ $ $ $

A rich, dark wood with a wide variety of figure patterns. Complementary as an accent to other species, or stunning on its own. Finishes well.

White Oak $ $ $

A light-colored wood, typically consistent in pattern. Known for its extreme durability. Stains and finishes very well.

Sapele $ $ $ $

Known for its incredible figure and texture. Often has wave, ribbon or other eye-catching patterns.

Custom $ – $ $ $ $ $

We offer a wide range of wood species to fit just about any style. If you've got something truly unique in mind, we'll be happy to make your order in just about any type of wood that's out there. Contact us today for pricing and availability.