Ferche is a one-stop-shop for solid moulding and veneered products!

Solid mouldings and veneered products are the two main categories of products. Solid hardwood mouldings are produced in two distinct areas of the plant. Orders are first defined as commodity or job-lot size. Large commodity runs, from one thousand to fifty thousand feet, are manufactured on high speed Weinig moulders which take longer to set up, but can produce a quality finish at a high feed rate. The job-lot orders, from 1 piece to one thousand feet, are directed to smaller Weinig moulders which can be set up quickly and produce their high quality finish at a much slower throughput. Both are efficient for their intended purpose.

The smaller moulders are the ones which have produced exotic jatoba door frames, 8 inch cherry crown, 2 ½” thick custom walnut casing, 10” mahogany thresholds and other unusual and short-run orders. Further example of Ferche’s diverse capabilities are reflected in last year’s production numbers: 1308 unique solid interior jambs in 36 species, 2047 casing profiles in 35 species, 767 base patterns in 31 species, 201 different astragals in 32 species.

In Ferche’s veneer work centers, door jambs, skirtboards, veneered boards and base are manufactured as the primary products . The two centers differ in that one (the flat line) presses veneers to the face of a substrate which has hardwood edges glued to it, while the other (the wrap line) wraps the veneer across the face and around the edges. The flat line includes a moulder which shapes the hardwood edge into the desired profile shape, such as the top cap on a piece of base.

Ferche is the one-stop-shop for solid moulding and veneered products!