At Ferche, we're not big on formal policies. We understand that situations are unique and circumstances sometimes call for different actions. There are some things we do try to hold true to. Those items are listed below. If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please always feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to help you out.

Sanding Policy


Sanding is a critical step in any good finished millwork job - regardless of whether it’s solvent or water based finish.  In many applications, water based stain & top coats are quickly replacing solvent-borne finishes. The move toward water based finishes has a dramatic effect on wood (fiber). Wood fiber absorbs water then expands; causing the grain to rise and fur up. Ferche cannot be held responsible for the surface conditions when water-based primers, stains or top coats are applied without proper preparation which requires sanding.  Ferche cannot respond to claims arising from situations where prudent and proper sanding could have or can resolve an appearance issue.

The industry's leading finish product brands agree that sanding is the key to a quality finish.

From the Minwax website:

DON'T SKIP THE SANDING! Sanding is a critical step in the wood preparation process for several reasons….Sanding also removes the surface glaze created by the heat from the factory's planer blades as they come in contact with the natural resins in the wood. Left unsanded, this glaze can prevent stain or finish from entering the pores….When working with water-based finishes…Dampen the wood first. Wipe the wood with a damp cloth to raise the fibers; after the surface dries, knock them back with 220-grit sandpaper….Apply and move on.

From the Sherwin-Williams website:

Wood – Interior: All finishing lumber and flooring must be stored in dry, warm rooms to prevent absorption of moisture, shrinkage, and roughening of the wood. All surfaces must be sanded smooth, with the grain, never across it.

Intended Use

We take great time, care and effort in creating superior quality products. Those products are manufactured with specific uses in mind. We don't recommend the use of certain products for anything other than their intended use. For example, our veneered door jambs and veneered boards are made for typical interior use. They are not made to be used as window extension jambs or for exterior use. We manufacture window extension jambs using different materials to handle that specific use. Similarly, our wrapped veneered jambs are intended for residential interior use or light multifamily use, they are not intended for commercial use. If you use any products outside of the recommended or intended use, you do so at your own risk. You wouldn't use drywall for flooring, so we ask that you consider the intended use when working with certain products we manufacture. If you have any questions prior to use, please consult your local Ferche sales representative.

100% Usable Promise

Our efforts throughout the manufacturing process are in place to ensure that we send out the highest quality product. Included in those efforts are a number of rigorous defecting check-points which we do here at the plant so you don't have to on the job-site. Because of that effort on our part, we try and send out only usable materials - if you order a 14' piece of crown, all 14' should be usable. That eliminates waste and allows you to order what you need, instead of 10-20% extra to account for defects and waste.  That's our quality promise to you. Please note that it's important that products be handled, transported, stored and acclimated properly to ensure that our efforts aren't tarnished by mishandling the materials. Please take the proper care to ensure that the fine Ferche mouldings you purchase stay as fine as the day they left our plant. Thanks!